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If your'e getting married in Galway or going to a wedding in Galway then you will love this post. As with all wedding trips, most likely you won't have too much time to decide where to go for the best coffee and cake or find the best Indian (the night after the wedding). So it's great to have a genuine go to guide for the best of the best places to visit in Galway. And who better to ask than our Anchormen Wedding Band Galway Lead Guitarist and Vocalist, Fiachra Cradock.

Check out Fiachra's top 10 recommendations below if you want to know where to go to enjoy the best live music, the best sneaky afternoon pint, the best barbers and more in Galway.

Introducing Fiachra Cradock, Best Wedding Bands Galway Anchormen

Where in Galway are you from? I'm from Caherlistrane, County Galway. We're near Headford which is the magical mystical place at the end of all the AA traffic notifications for the Headford road. Some people mispronounce it "caherli-strand' but I can assure you it's a very long walk to the nearest beach! 

What do you love most about Galway? The fact that we have every Irish landscape in one county. Mountains of rock, rivers, beaches, lakes, bogs, tillage fields and beautiful forests. We have it all...and the people aren't half bad either!

Some quick-fire questions. What are your top 10 favourite places in Galway....

Restaurant? Eastern Tandoori....love me an Indian

Bookstore? Charlie Byrne's Bookstore

Pub for a night out? An Púcán or The Kings Head

Pub for a sneaky afternoon pint? Freeneys Bar or O'Connors Bar to while-away the day

Beer garden? Not exactly a beer garden I suppose but if you get a seat outside Neachtain's on a sunny day it's magnificent

Live music venue? Campbell's Tavern Cloughanover 

Music shop? IT Music

Galway festival? There's loads of great ones but I have to admit I still love The Galway Races. What can I say...I'm a country boy!

Barbers? Fat Tony's...although I've never met anyone called Tony and they're all quite slim. They could be hiding something!

Beach/view? It's a bit of a drive but Dog's Bay near Roundstone is heaven on earth.

What's not to love about Galway! Please post your Galway tips in the comments below. For more great places to visit and things to do in Galway check out This is Galway

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