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Most popular 2018/2019 calendar dates and days of the week to get married in Ireland?

Updated: Mar 23

As one of the best wedding bands Ireland has to offer, Anchormen Wedding Bands Ireland definitely do love all things weddings. If you are getting married in Ireland then you will love these 2018 facts from the Central Statistics Office too. Especially the most popular calendar dates and days of the week to get married in Ireland!

  1. In 2018 there was a total of 21,053 marriages recorded in Ireland including 664 same-sex marriages (372 male unions and 292 female unions). That's 968 less total recorded marriages than in 2017. Opposite-sex couples residing outside of Ireland before marriage accounted for over 12% of marriages

  2. The average age of male partners in same-sex marriages was 40.1 years

  3. The average age of female partners in same-sex marriages was 38.7 years

  4. The average age of male partners in opposite-sex marriages was 36.4 years

  5. The average age of female partners in opposite-sex marriages was 34.4 years

  6. 63% of opposite-sex couples opted for religious ceremonies. Whilst 63% of same-sex couples opted for civil ceremonies.

  7. August is still the most popular month for wedding ceremonies in Ireland. In fact, almost a quarter of all 2018 Irish marriages took place in July and August

  8. January is still the most unpopular month for marriages in Ireland. Top tip: There is great value to be had with Irish wedding suppliers by having your wedding outside of peak season e.g. in January, February and March.

  9. Friday and Saturday were the most popular days of the week for opposite-sex couples. Friday was the most popular day of the week for same-sex couples. And Sunday was the least popular for both same-sex and opposite-sex couples.

  10. The most popular marriage dates for opposite-sex couples in 2018 were Saturday 4th August, followed by Saturday 2nd June and in third place Friday 10th August. For same-sex marriages, Friday 23rd of March and Friday 7th September were jointly the most popular dates for marriages in 2018 (Top tip: book your wedding venue and wedding band as early as you can to avoid disappointment).

And an extra bonus fact (to win any table-quiz!): Monaghan had the lowest average age for both grooms and brides in 2018, at 34.5 and 32.5 years respectively. And Wicklow had the highest average age for both brides and grooms, 38.3 years for grooms and 36.3 years for brides. Who knew!

Feel free to share these facts with any bride or grooms to be!

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